Call For Workshops & Symposia

The call for Workshops and Symposia submission has been extended until November 22, 2017!

In participant-led Workshops and Symposia, the focus shifts from uncoordinated communication of results from similar studies to synthesis and creativity. The goal is to bring together the (often multidisciplinary) knowledge pertaining to a specific research topic or important professional-practice area, and to systematically explore recent developments and/or new challenges and opportunities.

Possible formats include but are not limited to the following (including any combination of items):

  • Workshops: Based on a prompt in the form of an introductory presentation, the audience is engaged in a moderated discussion or collaborative exercise, potentially guided with a panel of experts. The main target in this format can be, for example, to strive for consensus on answering a provocative question, or to probe the group for opinions and interest on a newer research topic, or to propose a novel approach to an older problem. Other examples are topic-targeted STC meetings, public meetings for research consortia or large international projects, etc.
  • Symposia: Participant(s) decide on a specific and timely topic of interest, and the conveners invite selected experts to submit papers specifically for that session, or the conveners assemble relevant papers from those submitted generally. Here, the state-of-the-art is consolidated, and a broad foundation for a research agenda on a new or existing question can be established.

Sessions will be parallel to general platform talk sessions and will be allotted the same amount of time. Session leaders should also plan to publish session outcomes in a position paper that will be included in the Proceedings.

Workshops and Symposia will be selected from submitted proposals by the conference leadership team. Here is a template for Workshops and Symposia proposals (MS Word .doc file). 

The session proposal submission deadline has changed from November 15 to November 22, 2017.

After submission, the conference technical committee will select satisfactory proposals and list them on the INDOOR AIR 2018 website by December 1, 2017.

This way, anyone in the community can submit a paper during the call for Extended Abstracts or Full Papers to be considered as part of a particular session, and the session conveners will work with the conference technical committee to populate the session with appropriate speakers. (If accepted Full Papers or Extended Abstracts are referenced in the original session proposal, they will be included in that session.)

Please visit our our general conference overview and important dates pages for more information.

Please visit the Submission Instructions page to submit your session proposal to INDOOR AIR 2018!